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XHD Gold 15W40 incorporates advanced development in lubrication chemistry resulting in a world class capable diesel engine oil. 15W40 CI-4/SL has been formulated specifically to meet the requirements of US, European and Japanese design emission engines including those engines which incorporate exhaust gas recycling (EGR) to provide fuel efficiency, high wear protection and long drain capability. EGR can add to deposits forming in the combustion chamber, and therefore the low sulphated ash content assists in maintaining engine cleanliness.


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XHD Gold low sulphated ash content assists in maintaining engine and injector cleanliness.

XHD Gold 15W40 meets or exceeds the following specifications.

  •  API CI-4/SL,CH-4/CG-4/SJ.
  • ACEA E7-04/E5/B4/B3/A2/A3
  • MACK EO-M Plus.
  • CUMMINS CES 20071, 20073, 20076, 20077,20078
  • MB 229.1
  • MAN 3275
  • ALLISON Type C-4 (SAE 30)
  • DETROIT DIESEL DDC Series 2000/4000 Type 1 (Series 40, 50, 55, 60 engines)

Detroit Diesel do not endorse multigrade engine oils in their two stroke engines


XHD Gold 15W40 is recommended for high speed, turbocharged four stroke engines, in particular most emission design engines. These include post 1994 engines, operating on low sulphur fuels and especially high top ring designs which prefer low ash oils. Applications include long distance trucking, earthmoving, off-highway and stationery plant operations where engines are run under the most severe conditions and for the maximum oil change periods as recommended by the manufacturer.

XHD Gold 15W40 is a low phosphorus oil suitable for all four stroke diesel and petrol engines making it ideal for mixed fleets of petrol and diesel engines.

XHD Gold may be used in Allison (Type C-4, SAE 30) transmissions and in hydraulic systems where manufacturers’ specifications permit.

XHD Gold 15W40 meets the latest diesel manufacturers specifications and API diesel and petrol engine classifications. As such it is ideal  as a mixed petrol/diesel engine fleet oil where the diesel engines are predominantly of the latest emission design.

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