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ULTRAPRO 50 is a specially formulated oil for racing engines running on methanol or other alcohol fuels which are incompatible with normal engine lubricants.


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ULTRAPRO 50 will tolerate quantities of unburnt methanol fuel passing the piston rings into the crankcase.

Normal motor oils will not function correctly as they are not miscible under these conditions with a build up of methanol and quantities of fuel and oil being pumped around the engine. As this fuel is a poor lubricant, only partial lubrication will occur and can lead to premature engine wear and failure in a short period of time. To alleviate this problem, ULTRAPRO 50 has been developed to allow methanol to become soluble in the oil enabling consistent lubrication to continue until saturation occurs.

ULTRAPRO 50 has been developed to suit racing engines running on petrol fuels such as Avgas, High Octane leaded or un-leaded petrol. It is a shear resistant lubricant enabling high speed high temperature performance to be obtained over multiple race meetings.


ULTRAPRO 50 is alcohol compatible lubricant that will tolerate percentages of methanol additions – and continue to function as a lubricant on a reducing scale as the amount of methanol absorbed into the lubricant increases. Protects valuable engine components from premature wear up until the saturation point is reached.

ULTRAPRO 50 is a synthetically boosted lubricant designed to give maximum film strength under racing conditions and preserve vital engine parts from premature wear. We do not warrant ULTRAPRO 50 as to their suitability, life expectancy or performance.

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