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Ultracool 107 Concentrate

Ultracool 107 Concentrate

ULTRACOOL 107 Contains 960grams per litre Mono Ethylene Glycol


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ULTRACOOL 107 is a low silicate, phosphate-free and amine-free, fully formulated, hybrid organic acid technology, automotive and heavy-duty diesel engine coolant. This product does not require a charge of Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA). The product was designed for use in both automotive and heavy-duty diesel applications and is compatible with heat rejecting aluminium surfaces.

When used at either a 33% or 50% solution this engine coolant offers the following advantages:

  • Long life, hybrid organic acid technology – 480, 000km or 6,000 hours in a heavy-duty diesel application.
  • No SCA required.
  • Universal use – meets or exceeds standard industry requirements for automotive and heavy-duty diesel
  • applications.
  • Long life, hybrid organic acid technology – 10 years or 350, 000km in an automotive application.
  • Product is compatible with other engine coolants;

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