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  • Ultra Super Red

    A quality lithium NLG1 #2 tacky
    grease. Suitable for electric motors, centrifugal pumps, hammer mills,
    crushing plants etc.
    A versatile grease for mining, industrial and farming.


    COTTON PICKER GREASE is a specialised NLGI No. 00 grease manufactured to provide superior performance in the lubrication of cotton and corn picker harvesting mobile equipment. Semi-fluid COTTON PICKER GREASE which is a lithium soap thickened grease, incorporates oxidation inhibitors and a special emulsifier maximising protection against oxidation and rust formation particularly in the presence of corrosive prone vegetable saps.

    Unlike other products recommended for this service the mineral oil component is high quality, further assuring that the cotton and corn pickers operate effeciently during the harvesting season.

  • Ultra Moly Tac

    Premium quality lithium complex NLG1 #2 tacky grease with 3%
    Molybdenum Disulfide.
    Ideally suited for extreme conditions encountered on off-highway use.
    Ultra Moly Tac meets Caterpillar 1E1487 grease specifications.

  • Ultra Blue Lith Tac

    A premium quality lithium complex NLG1 #2 tacky grease.

    Suitable for:

    • The transport industry.
    • High temperature wheel bearings.
    • High and low speed bearings.
    • Couplings and chassis parts.

    Ultra Blue Lith Tac has a dropping point of 260°C