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Benefits of Using High Performance Oil for Racing Vehicles

Benefits of Using High Performance Oil for Racing Vehicles

Benefits of Using High Performance Oil for Racing Vehicles

High performance engines are used in racing vehicles and they require specially formulated oils. We call it High Performance Oil for a good reason because these types of engines do not operate the same as regular vehicles.

Benefits of Using High Performance Oil for Racing Vehicles

If you’ve recently gotten into performance vehicles, you want to make sure that you purchase the right engine oil. You will depend upon your car to pick up speed quickly, which means the engine will need to heat quickly and will maintain a high level of heat throughout the race. In order to provide the best protection to your engine, you need a high performance oil.

The Differences in High Performance Oil and Regular Oil

The oil formulation of regular motor oil is not strong enough to withstand the heat generated by a racing engine. Racing vehicles may also use alcohol based petrol fuel that isn’t compatible with typical oils. Since the engine pulls on and relies on the fuel system, there will be traces of fuel running through the system.

Oil that isn’t formulated to deal with alcohol based fuel will not operate effectively and could damage the engine.

High Performance Oil = High Oil Viscosity

High performance oil is also a higher viscosity than regular oil and works to prevent premature engine wear. Because a high performance demand is placed on racing engines, the engine components work harder and faster than a typical engine. A high performance oil has special additives that prevent wear and tear that would happen if using regular engine oil.

Choosing the Right Oil Formula

There are many different types of engine oil formulas, and manufacturers consistently create new formulas to better serve the needs of those using high performance engines. The main thing racers need to look for is compatibility with the fuel and engine type.

The high performance oil you choose should be able to function with the type of fuel put into the car. Since many racing vehicles use alcohol-based fuels, you need an engine oil that guarantees performance with this type of fuel.

Additives That Prevent Wear and Tear

You also want an engine oil that contains the correct type of additives. Everyone will tell you that it’s the additives in any engine oil that make one brand stand out from another, and ultimately this is true. The additives used for high performance oil is what will prevent wear and tear.

Never assume that regular engine oil will do the job in a high performance engine. Race car drivers who have fresh oil put in before a race will have black, thick, dirty oil by the time the race is over. Only high performance oil can help a racing engine perform its job without damage or overheating.


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