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Category: Engine Oil

How Engine Oil Helps a Vehicle’s Engine

The oil in your car is important to the condition of your engine and helps protect it from corrosion. Engine oil helps a car like blood helps the human body.

Benefits of Using High Performance Oil for Racing Vehicles

High performance engines require specially formulated oils. We call it High Performance Oil because these engines do not operate the same as regular vehicles.

The Best Ways to Store and Dispose of Engine Oil

What are the best ways to store and dispose of engine oil? There are many people who believe that engine oil is capable of being stored forever.

How to Avoid Oil Sludge Build Up in Your Car

You have to take good care of your car engine to ensure that it doesn’t become damaged or overheat. One thing you can do is avoid oil sludge build up.

Understanding the Shelf Life of Engine Oil

It’s very tempting to purchase engine oil in bulk when you find a great sale from your favourite distributor. However, is there a shelf life of engine oil?

How Engine Oil Affects Your Fuel Efficiency

Oil is always being analysed by manufacturers and compared for efficiency. One area that manufacturers analyse is how well a particular oil helps with fuel efficiency.