How to Avoid Oil Sludge Build Up in Your Car

Although car engines appear rough and tough, you actually have to take good care of your engine to ensure that it doesn’t become damaged or overheat. One thing you have to do is avoid oil sludge build up in your car. Make sure you perform regular oil changes and protect your engine from building up black sludge.

How to Avoid Oil Sludge Build Up in Your Car

Many things can affect the condition of your engine’s oil, so it’s important to understand what affects your engine’s oil and what you can do to prevent debris build up.

What is Engine Oil Sludge Build Up?

Engine oil sludge build up is a term used to describe oil when it becomes thick or mushy and cannot navigate through the engine components. Engine oil sludge forms when additives in the oil start to break down and drivers don’t perform necessary oil changes and maintenance.

Eventually, the sludge can become so thick that it actually clogs the engine and creates timely and costly repairs.

If you change your oil regularly, then you shouldn’t have to worry about oil sludge build up. Drivers who wait too long to change the oil or drive long distances beyond the recommended time for an oil change are at risk of being victims of engine oil sludge. Every time you start your car, your engine is flooded with a variety of chemicals and fluids.

Combine those fluids with intense heat that forms in the engine and soon the oil begins to breakdown and change form.

Signs You Have Oil Sludge Build Up in the Engine

If you’ve gone many miles between oil changes and start experiencing problems with your car, there are a few things that could indicate you have an oil sludge problem. Your engine overheating quickly is one sign that you may have a problem with your oil system.

Oil helps to prevent overheating. Sludge will prevent oil moving through the engine components and overheat the engine.

Another Sign is if Your Car Won’t Start

If your car won’t start it could mean that oil has somehow gotten onto the spark plugs and prevents ignition. You may be able to clean the spark plugs and start the car, but you will need to service your engine as soon as possible. Your oil light may also come on, warning you that there’s something wrong with the engine. If you ignore this light, then you risk parts of your engine overheating and eventually breaking down.

While sludge build up seems scary, if you follow a regular maintenance schedule then you shouldn’t have to worry about oil sludge build up.

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