ULTRA HYDRAULIC OIL is a premium range of hydraulic oils, containing high quality zinc antiwear additives and made from natural high VI base oils.

ULTRA HYDRAULIC OIL promotes superior performance in oxidation protection, water tolerance, thermal stability, pump, motor, valve and system durability and performance.

ULTRA HYDRAULIC OIL has excellent oxidation stability and resistance to aging, and corrosion. Furthermore, Superdraulic oils offer good demulsifying properties, superior EP properties.

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ULTRA HYDRAULIC OILS offer superior perfomance and protection. ULTRA HYDRAULIC OILS can be used in a wide range of hydraulic systems where the machinery have there own stand alone hydraulic system and storage resavoirs. Common applications include hoist systems on tippers, hydraulic systems on dozers, excavators, Loaders, graders , module builders,chainbeds and almost any hydraulically operated plant where hydraulic oils are required. As there is a range of viscosities available it is important to clarify the hydraulic systems requirements.

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