ULTRA BIODRAULIC OILS are fortified vegetable based fluids that are biodegradable and therefore ultimately harmless to the environment.

ULTRA BIODRAULIC OILS biodegrade to yield carbon dioxide and water as the end products.

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ULTRA BIODRAULIC OILS are suitable for all types of machinery where leaks of fluid would be unacceptable to the surrounding environment including forklifts in cool stores, golf course equipment, wineries, fruit processing plant, food production areas, grape harvesting equipment, meatworks and abattoirs etc.

ULTRA BIODRAULIC OILS are moderate rated hydraulic oils for use where constant operating temperatures should not exceed 800 C in order to achieve optimum fluid life.

ULTRA BIODRAULIC OILS due to their base oil characteristics will give good service life under normal conditions and protect working surfaces from wear due to their special non-zinc additive system.

ULTRA BIODRAULIC OILS may deteriorate under constant severe service conditions of high temperature and pressure, and therefore should be condition monitored to ensure their service life has not been exceeded. More frequent fluid changes will assist in maintaining system cleanliness and pump life.

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